Are you a maker of artworks of any kind?

Do you find yourself in your studio, knowing there are works hidden in the corner, works you never show anymore, works you emotionally abandoned?

Do you want these works to find a loving home as much as we do?

Let us take care of that!

There are people out there who would love to adopt your unwanted works of art. Who dream of including them in their home and give them an appreciated, loving look every day, over and over again, in the good and the bad.

When you find a (self-made) unwanted work of art, please give them a second chance by notifying us, and let us take care of it in our shelter.

We would be so happy to include your work in our shelter and we will do everything in our hands to find a warm home and loving family and to contribute to the improvement of life of the image.

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Image Shelter Zero Killed gives a second chance to pieces of art whose only use left, is to catch dust in a corner of the artist's studio. In On (déca)de/ans/ce we show these works of art in our shelter, where you have the opportunity to adopt them.


Image Shelter Zero Killed’s Mission is to provide sanctuary, love, care, shelter and compassion for stray, abandoned, relinquished and homeless pieces of art.

Our goal is to place as many art works as possible into loving, responsible and caring homes. We create awareness and support for the humane treatment of all images. We strive to end image overpopulation through education and the promotion of spaying and neutering.

We provide a high level of medical care, loving support, and socialization for our art works, including the elderly and those with special needs. Every piece of art in our care is promised a forever home, whether with us in our sanctuary or through adoption.

We are a physically temporary and digitally forever home and a sanctuary for the images who reside with us. All images who didn’t find a new home during the exhibition are provided a digitally supportive and loving place in our online adoption-platform.


Image Shelter Zero Killed envisions that images and people can share a healthy bond of love and kindness.


♥︎ To save the lives of stray and unwanted images.

♥︎ To commit to building a community of compassion, kindness and respect.

♥︎ To serve as a resource for image companions.

♥︎ To serve as a relieve for artists and their workflow.

♥︎ To be a leader in the artwork welfare sector.

♥︎ To engage community members in the humane treatment of all pieces of art.

♥︎ To positively contribute to our community.

We are a no-kill shelter.

We treat every artwork at Image Shelter Zero Killed as if they were our own. We will only make the decision for an artwork to be humanely euthanized in cases where they are gravely injured or so ill or disabled that to prolong life would cause unacceptable and inhumane suffering. Our promise is that every piece of art is given the time, comforts and medical care they need and we provide special care and consideration for those at end-of-life.

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Visit our images ready for adoption!

19-28 APRIL 2019


part of On (déca)de/ans/ce

Can't make it to the exhibition? Don't worry, the artworks who didn't find a new home will be set available for adoption on our website.


For questions, concerns and messages of love please contact via:

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Do you find it as sad as us for these artworks to be held from their full potential to shine? Come visit our shelter and give a new home to these beautiful creatures!

Are you dreaming of a wonderful image to feed your soul while dining, but you don't have a budget to buy art in galleries? Come find your favourite piece of art with us!


When you are chosen by a piece of art — yes, they typically choose you — we do our best to make the whole experience fast, fun and friendly so you can take your new friend home right away. Come meet your perfect match during the exhibition of
On (déca)de/ans/ce!

Adopting a new image into your family will be a very rewarding and exciting experience!

You can't make it to the exhibition? Don't worry, the artworks who didn't find a new home during the exhibition will find a place on our website and will still be available for adoption.